ST3 General and Vascular Surgery Interview Preparation Courses 2024

The interview for 2024 induction will be conducted online. This year there will be separate interview for General Surgery and Vascular Surgery Induction. General Surgery interview will be a total of 35 minutes interview comprising Clinical and Management Scenarios and Related Questions and Questions related to Portfolio. Vascular Surgery Candidates will have additional stations of Communication Scenario and Related Questions and Virtual Skills Station.

We will be conducted separate Course for Interview Preparation for General and Vascular Surgery Candidates

Getting National Training Number (NTN) in General Surgery and Vascular Surgery Specialty ST3 post is becoming highly competitive. Intelligent preparation is the key.

At our focused ST3 General and Vascular Surgery Interview Preparation Courses, we provide you with insight of the interview format and stations. Our structured interview preparation courses comprise of detailed dissection of interview stations and explanation of elements of the interview that contribute towards marking scheme so that you deliver exactly what is needed. We aim to give you feel of real interview in our mock sessions followed by individualized feedback.

Places are limited to ensure appropriate faculty to participants ratio and maintain quality

Full Refund for cancellation upto 5 days before course date
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